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Additional Resources

Thank you for reading The Science of Happily Ever After! On this page, you can find personality scales related to Chapter 7 content, an attachment scale for Chapter 8, and other book-related content.

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Big Five Personality Scale

For a short, 30-item personality measure, see this 538 article:

Big Five Inventory-2

For a longer, 60-item version with more detailed results go to this site:

For scale development:

  • Soto, Christopher J., and Oliver P. John. "Short and extra-short forms of the Big Five Inventory–2: The BFI-2-S and BFI-2-XS." Journal of Research in Personality, 68 (2017): 69-81.


Attachment Scale

For a well-researched attachment scale, I would recommend this measure: The Experiences in Close Relationships Scale

More about scale development here:

  • Brennan, K.; Clark, C.; Shaver, P. (1998). Self-report measures of adult romantic attachment. In J. Simpson and W. Rholes, Attachment Theory and Close Relationships. New York: Guilford Press.

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